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The PWSA will begin sanctioning of tournaments for the 2017 season as of January 1, 2017.

Sanctioned Tournament Guidelines  (revised April, 2017)

Sanctioned Tournament Posting Form  (please note that name of Diamonds must be listed)

Accident Report Form – Affiliated Teams

Convenor or Witness Incident Report

Please note:  Your tournament rules must be sent to in order for sanctioning.  Also, an email/letter from the tournament UIC stating that they will be able to supply umpires (insured through Softball Ontario) for the tournament must be sent.

Tournaments will not be sanctioned without this information being sent in.  Thank you for your co-operation.

Please note that a PWSA affiliated team that has entered an Ontario tournament that has not been sanctioned by PWSA, will not have insurance at that event.

Once approved, your tournament information for posting (please fill out Tournament Posting Form), along with the rules for your tournament, will be posted on the PWSA website and sent out on the PWSA email directory.

Suspension Report (as of April 16)